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height: 5'2"  weight: 110lbs

age range: 40s - 50s

Dawn Ying Yuen started acting for the Television of Singapore at age 19 performing in the Mandarin and English Drama Department. 


After moving in 2001 and settling in Los Angeles, Dawn started taking acting classes in 2007. Over the years, she studied the Meisner technique at The Actors Studio of OC, the Stanislavski based method with James Hong of Kung Fu Panda,  and stage and camera acting in The Master Class at Beverly Hills Playhouse for about 3 years. After successfully gotten a Talent Agent, Dawn has worked in Student Films, Industrial Videos, Web series, Television, Short Films, and Indie Films. Dawn Ying Yuen speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English, thus she plays many overseas asians and immigrant roles. 


Dawn danced Chinese and Modern dance for 10 years until she had to stop due to breast cancer. These days, she is in remission and loves spending time with her cat, watch a good film, TV drama or sitcom, and read a good book. And she continues to take up acting roles whenever available.