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height: 5'2"  weight: 115 lbs
age range: 40s - 50s,
with some makeup and wardrobe,
mid 30s and early 60s.

Dawn Ying Yuen is a Singaporean-American actress based in Los Angeles since 2001. At 19, Dawn was one of 30 from a pool of 2000 participants selected to train to act at Television Corporation of Singapore. A few years after, she acted in local drama, and did TVC and print advertising. In 2001, she moved to Los Angeles, and started a series of acting classes, and trained in Meisner technique for a few years. Her last training ground was at The Beverly Hills Playhouse which lasted three years.


Dawn Ying Yuen is known for her role in My Mother’s Jade directed by Irene Young, and is currently playing on YouTube. in 2019, she played an immigrant mom in Zoetic (a HBO APA Visionaries Top Three for 2019) directed by Wesley Chan of WongFu Productions, which was on HBO Go for the whole year of 2019. Most recently after the pandemic, Dawn completed a feature film and a short film. The feature film, The Harvest, is a family biopic written by Doua Moua and directed by Caylee So. And in the short film, Lunchbox, directed by award winning director, Anne Hu, Dawn played the role of a Taiwanese mom struggling to connect with her Taiwanese American daughter.


Dawn Ying Yuen speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese and some Taiwanese. She speaks asian accented English, which makes her a good choice for roles of overseas asians and immigrants. Dawn danced Chinese and Modern dance for 10 years until she had to stop due to breast cancer. Currently, Dawn is in remission, and is still flexing her acting chops in as many projects as she can handle.

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