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The Harvest by Doua Moua (Mulan) / Supporting - Directed by Ms Caylee So (In the Life of Music)

Lunchbox / Co-lead - Directed by Award Winning Director Miss Anne Hu (Cake)

Zoetic / Co-Lead    -     Directed by Miss Julie Zhan and Mr. Wesley Chan ( Wong Fu Productions)   

  • Finalists of HBO APA Visionaries 2019 / Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival 2019

Hello Ahma/ Supporting     -      Directed by Miss Siyou Tan (AFI Women's Director's Workshop 2019)

  • ​Selected for screening in Toronto Film Festival

  • Selected for screening in Singapore International Film Festival

My Mother's Jade/ Lead     -     Directed by Miss Irene Young ( A Kickstarter Project) 

  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Asians on Films 2014    

Silent Friends/ Lead     -      Directed by Miss Rachael Meyers (Low Budget Indie Film)           

The Hotpot/ Lead      -     Directed by USC Film Graduate: Miss Dan Zhao                                                              

A Sickly Plant/ Lead      -     Directed by Chapman Film Graduate: Ms Caylee So                                                         



REBEL/ Li-Shen Lin / Recurring / BET

Discord and Harmony/ Mom / Pilot                                                                           

Chris/tina/ Groupie                                                        

Under One Roof / Guest Star / Television of Singapore                                                           

Triple Nine/ Co-star / Television of Singapore                                                               

VR Man/ Co-star / Television of Singapore                                                                         




Wells Fargo Bank / Principal / USA and Canada National                             

Walgreens / Principal / USA National                                                                                                    

America Physical Therapy Association  /  Principal / USA National                                                   

Verizon Wireless / Principal  / USA Asian Market National                                              

Head and Shoulders / Principal / Hong Kong National

VISA / Principal /   Hong Kong National          

M1 Telecommunications  / Principal  / Singapore National 




Cisco “The Threshold” / Los Angeles                                                                             

Shell Oil Company Training  / Los Angeles                                                                      

Office Max  / New York                                                                                                      

Effexor XR  / New York                                                                                                      

United Healthcare   /  Philadelphia                                                                                            




Scene Study  /  Beverly Hills Playhouse   /   Intermediate and Master Class

Improvisation 101  /   Upright Citizens Brigade

Audition/ Scene Study   /   Richard Lawson (For Colored Girls)

Film/ TV Acting: The Stanislavski Based Method   /   James Hong (Kung Fu Panda)

Voice and Dialect  /   April Hong

Accent Reduction / Greg Safel                             




Speaks and reads English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently, can speak some Taiwanese.

Sings Soprano. Hosting Experience.

Has a Motorcycle Riding License. Stick Shift Driving Capability.

Dances Modern and Chinese Dance Intermediate.              


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